Bowenwork ® An innovative approach to chronic and acute pain management and general health maintenance

Bowen Training Academy

Mission Statement

  • To teach Bowenwork® with integrity, professionalism and skill.
  • To grow a network of allied health care professionals practicing Bowen.
  • To put health care in your hands.



    Are you looking to add an innovative approach to chronic and acute pain management to your existing practice? As a health care provider are you interested in being in independent practice? This approach involves minimal time with the patient with pauses between sets of moves to allow the nervous system to integrate and respond to the work. This translates to less time in direct contact with your patient and can be done through clothing with less physical strain on the practitioner.


    Bowen procedures are taught in module format with each module consisting of 16 hours classroom training.
    Modules can be held once per month, on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday), or two modules in a row, scheduled 2 months apart. In 14 days of training you learn a complete system that you can integrate into your current practice or start a new one.


    Classes can be held anywhere in Canada so if you are interested in hosting a class in your area, please contact us.

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