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BTA Course Curriculum

In 14 days of training with accredited instructors of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, over a period of at least six months, you will learn a comprehensive health system that will enable you to aid the recovery from a large range of internal and musculo-skeletal conditions. You will learn procedures that balance the body overall, plus a range of procedures that address specific areas of the body, and still others to use in cases where conditions don't respond readily to the basic procedures. The last two days are a thorough hands-on assessment, by a senior instructor, of every procedure that was taught in the first six modules.

The Bowenwork® procedures are taught in seven modules, each 16 classroom hours long. The modules must be taken in sequence because each one reviews and builds on what was taught previously. These modules are generally taught in two consecutive days each, over a period of six months or more, with a maximum of two modules taught back-to-back. The last seminar, "Module 7," is a thorough assessment of the material taught in the first six modules. Requirements for taking Module 7 include satisfactory completion of the written assessments and case study requirements at Modules 3 through 6, and waiting at least one month after Module 6. The content of each module is standard in every country where BTAA-accredited instructors teach.   

Every module includes:
  • Demonstration of each procedure, with detailed explanation of anatomical landmarks* 
  • Explanation and discussion of the procedures and indications for their use
  • Detailed notes, with photographs and anatomical diagrams
  • Extensive supervised hands-on practice, with feedback from the instructor(s)
  • Ample review of procedures taught in previous modules.

Practical and written assessments, with individual feedback, are given in Modules 3 through 6. You will also be required to submit written case studies (a total of ten) in those modules; and you will receive feedback from the instructor on your choice of procedures, the amount of work done, and other aspects of your work as indicated in your reports. Module 7 is a full two-day assessment by a senior instructor, covering all procedures and aspects taught in the first six modules. Accreditation as a practitioner requires passing the Module 7 assessment and submitting proof of three additional requirements:

  • A recognized qualification in Anatomy and Physiology (100 - 120 hours in most countries)
  • Experience running a business or a minimum of 20 hours of business education
  • A current First Aid and/or CPR certificate.
  • Proof of malpractice insurance

After successfully completing Module 7, practitioners are required to take a minimum of four days (32 contact hours) of Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia approved courses every two years in order to maintain accreditation. These courses are an opportunity to deepen your understanding and skill and network with other Bowenwork® practitioners. Courses include advanced Bowenwork®, international conferences, practitioner days and courses for specific areas of application and practice.

Bowenwork® Module One  Tuition $410
Learn the history, principles and philosophy of Bowenwork®, the original Bowen Technique. Learn and practise procedures for the lower back, upper back, neck, kidneys and head. 
Note: Registration fee to national registry is due at this module. Please bring a cheque payable to CBBG Inc. in the amount of 101.70 

Bowenwork® Module Two  Tuition $410 
Practise and review procedures from previous module. Learn and practise Bowenwork® procedures for the hamstring, shoulders and respiratory system. Outline client management techniques and develop case management protocol. 
Prerequisite: Bowenwork® Module 1 

Bowenwork® Module Three  Tuition $410 
Practise and review procedures from all previous modules Learn and practise Bowenwork® procedures for the pelvis, sacrum, elbow and wrist and knee.
Prerequisite: Bowenwork® Module 2  
Bowenwork® Module Four  Tuition $410 
Practise and review procedures from all previous modules Learn and practise Bowenwork® procedures for the upper respiratory system, TMJ, ankles, hammer toes, bunions, babies and children. 
Prerequisite: Bowenwork® Module 3 

Bowenwork® Module Five  Tuition: $410
Practise and review procedures from all previous modules Apply and practise case management protocol. Learn and practice Bowenwork® procedures for the chest, additional procedures for shoulder, gall bladder and coccyx.  
Prerequisite: Bowenwork® Module 4 

Bowenwork® Module Six  Tuition: $410 
Practise and review material from all previous modules. Apply and practise Bowenwork® procedures for thoracic pain, piriformis, sciatica, low back pain and perineal pain, bursitis, infertility, and bedwetting. Demonstrate achieved competency through a written and practical assessment and submission of ten case studies.  Prerequisite: Bowenwork® Module 5 

Bowenwork® Module Seven  Tuition: $475 
Successful completion of this Bowenwork® Module 7 results in certification as a Certified Bowenwork® Practitioner. This module is a cumulative review and thorough assessment of the material taught in the first six modules. Student will demonstrate achieved competency through a written and practical assessment.  
Prerequisite: Bowenwork® Module 6 

Bowenwork® Module Eight  Tuition: $475
The objective of this module is to explore and deconstruct the formal approaches of applying procedures as taught in Modules 1-6.  Once practitioners have learned the skills of performing procedures correctly and had time to experience this in their respective settings, this module can help to expand on their previous learning and help their discernment process in selecting procedures.  This module seeks to enhance the art of discerning why and when minimal prerequisites would be more appropriate for a client than as prescribed in the previous manuals.  All procedures from Modules 1-6 are reviewed and practiced and new procedures are introduced.  
Prerequisite: Bowenwork® Module 7 

Bowenwork® Module Nine and Ten Specialized Procedures Level I  Tuition: $475
Twelve new procedures are offered in these modules over two days.  These procedures may be helpful for persistent and unusual symptoms that clients present with that have not fully responded to the procedures covered in Modules 1-6.  They are dynamic and invoke a whole body response requiring longer wait times of 15 minutes or longer.  Module 10 is a review and assessment leading to certification at this level.  Manual and certificate is included.
Prerequisite:  Bowenwork® Module 8