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Other Bowen-related Courses

Tensegrity and the Fascial lines for the Bowen Practitioner - Two Part Series
Instructor - Kelly Clancy 
Prerequisite - certification
Tuition - $450

This course will assist the new and experienced Bowen practitioner in identifying common and individualized postural patterns within the overall structure by both studying the Anatomy Train lines and basing postural assessment and treatment strategies on a three dimensional Tensegrity Medicine model.
This course will give the Bowen practitioner concrete skills in practicing objective evaluation and treatment, which both educates the client and the referring health care providers as well as insurance companies, when involved, on the relevance and significance of Bowen interventions.   This the first course being offered within the Amercian Bowen Academy that offers objective measures to justify treatment interventions and outcome based measures which can further provide evidence based efficacy with stand alone Bowen interventions.
This course will include 2-16 hour courses each covering progressive myofascial testing of the fascial lines, general orthopaedic assessment, analysis of posture in sitting, standing and functional movement, with subsequent clinical decision making and rationale on which Bowen moves are appropriate based on the testing results.


Bowenwork for Chronic Conditions
Instructor:  Alexia Monroe
Tuition:  $425
Prerequisite:  Module 7

This course is designed to increase the practitioner's knowledge of many forms of chronic illness, and how best to apply Bowenwork when these conditions are present. While Bowenwork practitioners often witness a dramatic resolution with acute conditions and recent injuries, long-term, chronic and debilitating conditions are less likely to respond quite so thoroughly or immediately. In working with patients who have chronic conditions, practitioners can become overwhelmed by the intensity of the symptoms, and confused by complex symptom pictures involving myriad problems. This course will guide you in both session management and people management, helping you to discriminate and prioritize your sessions for weakened and ill clients, and to engage your clients’ trust in long-term Bowenwork care. Case studies will be discussed, many of which reveal that even when recovery is not 100%, success can be achieved in helping these clients gain significantly increased quality of life. This course will:

  • add to your confidence in handling serious conditions that may respond slowly or incompletely, and enhance your ability to guide challenging cases towards positive outcomes over time
  • give you a basis for making decisions predicated on professional standards and sound judgment.
  • train you to work effectively with medical professionals overseeing the client's care
  • equip you to perform procedures in unusual positions that accommodate the special needs of this population
  • provide the opportunity for feedback on your pressures, so you can discover for yourself the effectiveness of light touch
  • explore marketing ideas to help you reach and engage populations of clients who struggle with chronic conditions

Understanding Bowenwork from an Ayurvedic Perspective
Instructor:  Farida Irani
Tuition:  $450 (2-day course) 

Practitioners will learn the Ayurveda history, principles and philosophy in relation to Bowenwork® including how different Bowenwork moves activate and balance the elements and channels described in Ayurveda.   You will learn about different body types and constitutions, which will enhance your assessment skills and how to apply Bowenwork procedures to affect these.  You will gain an understanding of the marma points in the body and their connection to the mind, body, and emotions.  Ayurveda aromatherapy will also be discussed.  Prerequisite: Bowenwork® Module 3 

Bowen Career Success On Line
Instructor:  Alexia Monroe
Tuition: $495 US
This 24 hour course is for both the new and the experienced practitioner.  It will enable you to clarify a vision of your personalized career as a self-employed, balanced, Bowen professional and it will train you to communicate, so you can successfully market your Bowenwork® practice to the world.  By the end of the course, you will clearly understand the impact of your personal brand, "You, Inc".  You will know that your ideal career is within your reach, and you will have a fully formulated written plan - usable immediately - for getting there.  Practitioner ethics is also presented.  Courses offered in person and via Skype.  65 page manual is provided.  

Deep Anatomy: Exploring Structure & Choice in Bowenwork Moves
Instructor:  Nancy Pierson
Prerequisite:  Certification

No two clients are alike – each has their own story, their own physical history. There are no hard-and-fast protocols to address a specific condition. Yet, with a deeper understanding of the muscles, nerves, lymphatic vessels, and fascia underlying our moves, we can develop our own intelligence in choosing appropriate procedures. Precise location, tissue-tension sense, and overall quality of Bowenwork moves will give better results with clients. This 2-day, 16-hour hands-on CE class offers anatomical hypotheses of why we do the things we do. For example:
  •   Why might the cramp procedure work?
  •   Why might our variation on coccyx alleviate buttock pain?
  •   What essential foundational roles do the prerequisites perform? Further, in this expanded Deep Anatomy class we will review Module 1-6 procedures with an eye to what additional structures we are affecting with each move; we will also explore how nonobvious procedures may contribute to the resolution of certain conditions.