A Bowen Career

Are you looking for a satisfying and rewarding health career? Did you know you can become a registered Bowenwork® Practitioner in less than a year! There are no prerequisites to begin the program. Any adult can start the program without prior medical training or education.

Training is structured on a module format, with each module building on the information from the previous module. Each module begins with a review of procedures learned in previous modules. This repetition helps refresh the information in the minds of the students, and helps their hands remember and refine the moves. Along with case studies, the module format helps ensure students are fully prepared for the final assessment (Certification Program only) and to begin active practice upon program completion.

At Bowen Training Academy, we teach Bowenwork/Bowtech® – the original Bowen Technique. This is an internationally recognized training program developed by The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. The content of each module is standard in every country where BTAA-accredited instructors teach.

Students may choose either program:

  • Certification Program
  • Non-Certification Program

Certification Program

This is for people who want to have a career as an independent Bowen Practitioner, receiving clients from the general public. People choose to become Bowen therapists for a variety of reasons:

  • to be self employed
  • to work independently as a Bowen Practitioner (Multiple clients can be treated at once, thereby increasing your income and decreasing the amount of hours you need to work each week to generate the income level you choose.)
  • to add another skill set to your existing health practice (massage therapists, nutritionists, estheticians, naturopaths, etc.)
  • to switch to a practitioner-friendly modality (Bowen is a great solution for therapists who may be physically exhausted from other types of body work. With Bowenwork, there is minimal risk of repetitive strain or injury to the practitioner!)
  • to start a whole new career (Bowen Practitioners come from all walks of life.)
  • to volunteer with seniors, children, people with disabilities, sports teams, hospices, etc.

As a certified Bowenwork Practitioner, you can work in a clinic, work from home, open your own holistic health practice, or volunteer your services. The choice is yours! You set your own schedule and determine your own rates.

Certification is granted by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, the school responsible for the establishment of the Bowen Technique worldwide since 1984.

The Certification Program training consists of seven modules (including the assessment) and can be completed over a period of 8-12 months. See the Course Curriculum for a full description of each Module and full accreditation requirements.

Non-Certification Program

This is for those who wish to help family and friends, but do not wish to receive clients from the general public and for those who do not wish to complete the exam or other requirements of the Certification program. Taking 2-6 modules will give you solid understanding of many basic Bowen procedures to help family and friends address their health issues. You may easily continue on to the Certification Program at any time if you choose.


At Bowen Training Academy, we recognize that “life happens”. In either program, if an interruption occurs in your training due to unforeseen circumstances, you may return to the program picking up at the module where you left off; however, you will need to demonstrate that you have maintained your proficiency in the procedures which you previously studied.

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