training program

Bowenwork® procedures are taught in module format with each module consisting of 16 hours classroom training. Generally, one module is held per month on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Courses that are a great distance may have two modules back-to-back (ie. Thursday to Sunday), held every second month. Check the Schedule page for precise dates and locations.

The content of each training module is standard in every country where BTAA-accredited instructors teach. Every module includes:

  • Explanation of the procedure and indications for use
  • Demonstration of assessments
  • Demonstration of each procedure with explanation of anatomical landmarks
  • Detailed training manual with photographs and diagrams
  • Extensive hands-on training
  • Individual progress feedback
  • Ample review of procedures from previous modules

The training program covers the following modules (classes):

module 1

Prerequisite: None

  • Introduction to Bowen
  • The Bowen Move
  • Lower Back Procedure
  • Upper Back Procedure
  • Neck Procedure
  • Client Management
  • Kidney Procedure
  • Head Procedure

module 2

Prerequisite: Module 1

  • Review Module 1 Procedures
  • Respiratory Procedure
  • Shoulder Procedure
  • Hamstring Procedure
  • Cramp Procedure
  • Case Study Guidelines

module 3

Prerequisite: Module 2

  • Review of Previous Modules
  • Pelvic Procedure
  • Elbow & Wrist Procedure
  • Sacral Procedure
  • Knee Procedure

module 4

Prerequisite: Module 3

  • Review of Previous Modules
  • Ankle Procedure
  • Taping Procedures
  • Upper Respiratory/TMJ Procedure
  • Bowenwork Seated
  • Hammer Toe Procedure
  • Bunion Procedure

module 5

Prerequisite: Module 4

  • Review of Previous Modules
  • Coccyx Procedure
  • North Procedure
  • East Procedure
  • South Procedure
  • West Procedure
  • Gallbladder Procedure
  • Chest Procedure

module 6

Prerequisite: Module 5

  • Review of Previous Modules
  • Additional Hamstring Procedures
  • Bursitis Procedure
  • Infertility Protocol
  • Perineal Procedure
  • Bedwetting Procedure
  • Thoracic Procedure
  • Button Pain Procedure

module 7

Prerequisite: Must wait a minimum of one month after successful completion of Module 6

  • Thorough assessment by Senior Instructor over two days (16 hours)
  • Students must satisfactorily demonstrate all procedures taught in Modules 1-6
  • Students must satisfactorily complete written assessments

final accreditation requirements

  • Passing Module 7 Assessment (practical and written)
  • Submitting 20 Case Studies
  • Submitting proof of: Completion of an approved course in Anatomy & Physiology (100 – 120 hours)
  • Submitting proof of: Completion of an approved business course (minimum 20 hours) or relevant business experience
  • Submitting proof of: Current First Aid/CPR certificate
  • Submitting proof of: Proof of Malpractice insurance

Credit may be granted for previous anatomy and business classes taken. If you have NOT taken the courses previously, online or self-study options are available. Information on the self-study courses will be provided to registered students at the first class.

maintaining accreditation

After successfully completing Module 7, practitioners are required to take a minimum of four days (32 contact hours) of BTAA-approved courses every two years in order to maintain accreditation. These courses are an opportunity to deepen your understanding and skill, and to network with other Bowenwork® practitioners. Continuing education courses include advanced Bowenwork®, international conferences, practitioner days, courses for specific areas of application and practice, or repeating any of the modules 1-6.


The annual registration fee to the Canadian registry (CBBG) is due at module 1.
Please bring a cheque payable to “CBBG Inc.” in the amount of $101.70 CAD. See below for benefits of membership to CBBG.**

** The annual CBBG registration includes:

  • One year subscription to Bowen Hands, the Journal of The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (published quarterly)
  • Access to advanced Bowtech® courses and CEUs internationally
  • Access to the international conference
  • A practice listing on the CBBG website
  • A practice listing on the BTAA website
  • International recognition of your education and title
  • Discount on any Bowtech® courses that you wish to repeat
Our “Life Happens” Policy

At Bowen Training Academy, we recognize that “life happens”. If an interruption occurs in your training due to unforeseen circumstances, you may return to the program picking up at the module where you left off; however, you will need to demonstrate that you have maintained your proficiency in the procedures which you previously studied.

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